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Adonis Press publishes and distributes books on phenomenological science.

The Press also offers poetry, essays and literature.

Adonis Press, founded in 1941, is a branch of the Hawthorne Valley Association, a nonprofit corporation in Ghent, New York.

Adonis Press

Our books on Goethean science challenge you to participate in the living processes and qualities of nature and overcome mechanistic habits of thought—essential preconditions for deepening our relationship with nature and solving our environmental problems.

Thank you for any support you can lend to our mission to increase public awareness for qualitative, phenomenological science and the ever new and healthy ideas it can bring.

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Understanding Mammals

Threefoldness and Diversity

2 Volumes

by Wolfgang Schad

Available December 2018! View Book

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After Capitalism

Paperback $25.00

An Optics of Visual Experience

Paperback $35.00

A Wound Awoke Me

Paperback $14.00

Childhood and Human Evolution

Paperback $14.95

Developmental Dynamics in Humans and Other Primates
Discovering Evolutionary Principles through Comparative Morphology

Hardcover $39.95

Paperback $24.95


Paperback $4.50

Functional Morphology
The Dynamic Wholeness of the Human Organism

Hardcover $75.00

Functional Threefoldness in the Human Organism and Human Society

Paperback $15.00

What is Qualitative Science?

What is Qualitative Science?

We live in a science-based culture dominated by measurements, graphs, statistics and calculations. The more we think in terms of quantity, however, the more we value the richness of qualitative experience which we seek for in nature, in our food, in the arts, in religious experience and in human relationships as an inwardly fulfilling, yet elusive antidote to our obsession with numerical accuracy. In the end, most of us would choose quality over quantity. But qualitative experience seems at first to be the antithesis of scientific objectivity. Is there—can there even be—such a thing as qualitative science?

1. What are qualities?

We generally distinguish between good quality and poor quality when we judge almost anything: shoes, tools, even education and human relationships; food, water, soil, etc. Man-made products are of good quality when they are well made, durable, …

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Social Self

For the past 15 years Adonis Press has focused on publishing books that take a phenomenological, participatory approach in the natural sciences.
While these publications continue, we are now responding to the mounting social problems of our time with Social Self and a new series of books that also take a phenomenological, participatory approach and derive much of their inspiration from the insights of Rudolf Steiner.