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Goethe on Science
An Anthology of Goethe's Scientific Writings

Paperback $25.00

Goethe's Science of Living Form
The Artistic Stages

Paperback $25.00

The Marriage of Sense and Thought
Imaginative Participation in Science

Paperback $18.00

The Physics of Human Experience

Paperback $14.95

Readings in Goethean Science

Paperback $5.95

Taking Appearance Seriously
The Dynamic Way of Seeing in Goethe and European Thought

Paperback $29.95

Thinking like a Plant
A Living Science for Life

Paperback $25.00

The Third Culture
Participatory Science as the Basis for a Healing Culture

Paperback $15.00

The Wholeness of Nature
Goethe’s Way toward a Science of Conscious Participation in Nature

Paperback $35.00