The Plant, volume 2

Flowering Plants

$12.75 ISBN 978-0-938250-24-1 Paperback 210 pages Published:  December 1989

  • “The endeavors of Grohmann are particularly noteworthy because they express a concern which extends far beyond the scope of botany. Few people see the danger that lies behind the one-sided striving of natural science towards mathematical abstraction.... This book contains many hints and suggestions for the natural scientist wanting to develop a spiritually oriented botany and also for those who would search for a deeper joy in their association with the world of plants.” —Jochen Bockemuhl, Leader of the Natural Science Section of the Goetheanum, Switzerland

In this classic work, the author lovingly studies the plant world. The Plant, volume two, is the fruit of a lifetime of patient and detailed observation of nature.

Volume one begins with flowering plants, and then turns to the living face of Earth. Grohmann goes on to consider the threefold nature of the plant and the nature of the human being. Finally, he describes the "ladder of the plant kingdom." Volume two adds further plant descriptions and extends the cosmological viewpoint begun in the first volume.

  1. Ranunculaceae—Buttercup Family
  2. Cosmological Connections
  3. Rosaceae—Rose Family
  4. Leguminosae—Pea Family
  5. Cruciferae—Mustard Family
  6. Papaveraceae (including Fumariaceae)—Poppy Family
  7. Labiatae—Mint Family
  8. Liliaceae and Amaryllidaceae—Bulbous Plants
    8a. The Onion, a Metamorphosis of the Lily
  9. Graminaceae—Grasses and Cereals
  10. Orchidaceae—Orchid Family
  11. Solanaceae—Nightshade Family
  12. Rubiaceae—Bedstraw Family
  13. Umbelliferae—Carrot Family
  14. Loranthaceae—Mistletoe
  15. Conclusion